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  • What’s the Deal with WordPress?


    If you’ve ever explored the possibility of starting your own personal blog, or researched websites, then you’ve probably heard of WordPress.  WordPress was one of the pioneers in making it simple for personal bloggers to connect with the public on the internet to share their hopes, dreams, stories, and opinions when blogging became big back in the early 2000’s.  Since then, WordPress has stayed true to their roots as a simple, easy-to-use content management system for the amateur blogger, with advanced, intuitive platforms for the professional web designer.  So, why would you choose to build your Credit Union’s website with the same company that ol’ Sally down the block uses to sell her homemade jams?

    You Can Make it Your Own

    WordPress is a fully-customizable platform that can be used to design the website of your dreams.  The sites are mobile-responsive across devices, allowing your site be both beautiful and functional on desktop and mobile.  A wide variety of plugins allow you to add expand the functionality to your website to optimize SEO, add urgent messages, connect with Google Analytics, create forms, and so much more.  Your possibilities are endless!  Your website is your biggest branch that gets the most traffic – you want it to be beautiful, functional and most importantly, easy to use for your members!

    Hackers, Beware

    Since WordPress is the most popular content management system according to Wikipedia, they take security seriously.   Of course, no CMS is 100% secure, so in addition to standard security features, PMD takes steps when building your WordPress website to ensure that we are only using the most trusted third-party plugins, and that your data is backed up on a regular basis, if you are hosting with us.

    Doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist

    The beauty of WordPress is its simplicity.  WordPress didn’t gain its popularity with the blogger crowd by being only accessible to those who had a PhD in HTML coding.  You can do almost everything you need to do in WordPress without ever knowing a single line of code.  When PMD builds your website, we take time before launch to walk you through the backend functionality of your WordPress site, and show you how easy it is to make updates, swap out photos, and even add menu items.  Occasionally, like any site, we need to get a developer involved, but the simplicity of this CMS is that so many of the day to day edits can be done by YOU!

    If you want to know more about what a WordPress site can do for your Credit Union, contact us today!  We’re happy to show you sites like these that have been transformed thanks to WordPress.

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After determining your needs and goals, we create meaningful marketing programs for our clients based on market research and experience. The result is a clear plan and creative ideas that can be pushed out to the market, through all avenues that fit your budget, implemented across all relevant mediums, driving awareness, enabling new behavior, and creating revenue.


Get out there in the world. Being seen and heard is what it’s all about. Let people know you exist. We can help determine the best ways to advertise and mediums to use, all within your budget.


We can custom build anything from a one page microsite to a fully integrated and interactive website. Give us your objectives and we’ll provide a solution.


You’ve got to be memorable. PMD develops brands that stand out and help define who you are.


Choosing the most cost effective media is one of our favorite ways to reach your audience. We are fully equipped to produce television and radio ads, as well as billboards. We can even do jingles! We will help determine where and when your media should be placed. We can schedule and buy air time for all national and local TV, radio and billboard networks.

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