PMD Group partners with clients to create fully custom solutions that maximize strategic goals using collaborative efforts.

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    Maybe you have worked with PMD Group for years, or maybe you haven’t started a project with us yet. Whatever the level of our relationship, we’re glad you follow our eNews!

    PMD Group is a collection of brilliant and responsive marketing reps, graphic designers, production coordinators and promotional products managers. We get to know our clients, and are here to help with any type of marketing need. Within the past year, we revisited our mission and vision statements and our core values. We are excited to communicate them with you, and hopefully you’ll agree PMD Group and the entire team reflect these on a daily basis.

    Vision Statement

    Our vision is to let innovation and creativity lead PMD Group to become your partner of choice.

    Mission Statement

    PMD Group exists to help our clients achieve their strategic goals with the highest level of personal service and expertise.

    While Serving with These Values:

    PMD Way

    • Commitment to Excellence
    • Display Professionalism
    • Accountable
    • Experts in Industry

    PMD Culture

    • Act with Integrity
    • Put others first
    • Treat others with respect
    • Maintain perspective

    PMD Attitude

    • Passionate and driven
    • Active team player
    • Enjoy your work
    • Lead a balanced life
    • Adaptable

    All of these guide the way we do business and it reflects our company culture. If you need help identifying what makes you unique and want to develop mission, vision or value statements, we would love to help! It’s great to do anytime, but especially if you’re considering updating your brand, website or internal policies. As always, you can send us an email at, or give us a call at 877-647-0030.

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After determining your needs and goals, we create meaningful marketing programs for our clients based on market research and experience. The result is a clear plan and creative ideas that can be pushed out to the market, through all avenues that fit your budget, implemented across all relevant mediums, driving awareness, enabling new behavior, and creating revenue.


Get out there in the world. Being seen and heard is what it’s all about. Let people know you exist. We can help determine the best ways to advertise and mediums to use, all within your budget.


We can custom build anything from a one page microsite to a fully integrated and interactive website. Give us your objectives and we’ll provide a solution.


You’ve got to be memorable. PMD develops brands that stand out and help define who you are.


Choosing the most cost effective media is one of our favorite ways to reach your audience. We are fully equipped to produce television and radio ads, as well as billboards. We can even do jingles! We will help determine where and when your media should be placed. We can schedule and buy air time for all national and local TV, radio and billboard networks.

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