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    When you think of PMD, you may think of designing and printing postcards and newsletters. You may even think of pens and t-shirts.  And, that’s great, because those things are some of the core products we offer and are glad you think of us first for those.  However, did you know that we do so much more than that?  Take a look around.  Chances are, there are at least 5 things right in front of you that you didn’t even know PMD could do for you!


    1. Websites and Social Media.

      If you’re reading this on a blog, we can create and distribute a blog for you, too…from your fresh new website that we can build for you!  If you got it through an email, we can do that too!  If you read it on Facebook, guess what… we create and handle social media strategies as well! All of these are wonderful ways to drive traffic to your website, distribute information to members and the community about your latest products and promotions, and help you become a more visible presence to your online audience!

    2. Company Stores.

      It’s casual Friday and you’re all sporting your Credit Union-branded polos, but did you know that PMD can make it so easy for your employees to order company-branded wearables online?  We can set up an online store for you and your employees to conveniently shop for their attire on their own!  We can even come to you with samples of the shirts so you can look and feel before you choose items for your store.

    3. Indoor and Outdoor Signage.

      If your directional signage is looking worn or out of date, PMD can help!  Maybe you want to call attention to your Member Care Center or the new Coffee Bar, and need some creative ideas to really make it stand out.  Perhaps you’re building a new branch and need branded signage throughout.  Whatever your signage needs are, whether indoor or out, temporary banner or permanent wall signage, PMD can bring your project to life!

    4. Marketing Services.

      Marketing and promotion is a big job.  Sometimes you don’t have the staff, the time, or the resources to get it all done.  PMD has a staff of experienced marketing specialists that can offer any level of assistance you need.  Our team is here and ready to help with anything from copy writing to promotion strategies to social media management.  We can even partner with you on a monthly basis to BE your marketing team. No matter the task, our team of experts is here to help you achieve your marketing goals!

    5. Promotional Products.

      Sure, we do pens, coffee mugs and the occasional stress ball.  But, did you know that if you can put your logo on it, we can provide it?  Promotional Products span so much more than the traditional items.  We can provide annual meeting gifts, member appreciation gifts, board gifts, fun branded items to pair with your campaigns, and so much more. Take a look at our easy to navigate Promo site and let your imagination run wild!

    Those are just a few of the ways PMD can help you with your printing, design, web and marketing needs.  Did we miss something?  Do you need help with something and are not sure if we do that? Ask us! If it’s in any way marketing or web related, chances are that we do!  We’re a full service agency, and are ready when you are.

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After determining your needs and goals, we create meaningful marketing programs for our clients based on market research and experience. The result is a clear plan and creative ideas that can be pushed out to the market, through all avenues that fit your budget, implemented across all relevant mediums, driving awareness, enabling new behavior, and creating revenue.


Get out there in the world. Being seen and heard is what it’s all about. Let people know you exist. We can help determine the best ways to advertise and mediums to use, all within your budget.


We can custom build anything from a one page microsite to a fully integrated and interactive website. Give us your objectives and we’ll provide a solution.


You’ve got to be memorable. PMD develops brands that stand out and help define who you are.


Choosing the most cost effective media is one of our favorite ways to reach your audience. We are fully equipped to produce television and radio ads, as well as billboards. We can even do jingles! We will help determine where and when your media should be placed. We can schedule and buy air time for all national and local TV, radio and billboard networks.

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